International Scientific Conference

Distinguished guests,


Once again, we are honoured to invite you to participate in the 9th edition of the Ethical and Social Dimensions in Public Administration and Law International  Scientific Conference which will take place on 30th of May – 1st of June 2024. This exquisite event is being organized by the Scientific Association of Law and Public Administration Suceava, supported by the Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences from the „Ştefan cel Mare” University in Suceava, ”Yuriy Fedkovych” Faculty of Law of the National University from Cernăuți and Lumen Research Center in Social and Humanistic Sciences (Iași) and the Research Institute Legal „Acad. Andrei Rădulescu” of the Romanian Academy as well as the Ecological University of Bucharest.

This event aims at revealing to its auditorium a wide range of topics in the field of law and public administration concerning the contemporary changes and challenges, as well as bringing together outstanding personalities from Romania, as well as a wide range of international specialists.

Pointing at exploring the evolution of the public law landscape and analysing trends emerging in private law, this scientific events will also e compas a series of discussions regarding global and cyber security, the public administration reform and good governance in relation to the dynamics of new technologies and their regulation. Additionally, the conference wants to provide a propitious framework which encourages open dialogue and innovation in finding solutions to current challenges.

The event will take place both in physical and online format, offering to all the interested parties the opportunity to engage in this academic experience.

 We invite all of you to build a brighter and fairer future together!


Associate Professor Ph.D Camelia Maria Cezara IGNĂTESCU

  1. New Challenges in Public Law: Examining the Evolving Landscape
  2. Emerging directions in private law: Trends, challenges and opportunities
  3. Advances in Criminal Sciences: Bridging Theory and Practice
  4. European Law, International Law and Global Justice: Navigating New Frontiers
  5. Global Security and Sustainable Development: Creating Multidisciplinary Solutions
  6. Public administration reform: Challenges and innovative solutions for effective governance
  7. Regional development: Theoretical perspectives and policy innovations 
  8. Integration of moral, religious and legal principles: Foundations for strengthening the rule of law 
  9. Redefining citizenship and governance in the digital age: Perspectives and news
  10. Challenges in procedural law: Shaping the future of legal practice 
  11. Social innovation and addressing contemporary societal problems: A forward-looking discussion


Address: University N0.13 Suceava

Phone: 0230216147 interior 555


Proiect realizat în asociere cu Municipiul Suceava şi Consiliul Local Suceava, prin programul din anul 2024.